As well as a simple navigation bar on each layout, there is a forward/backward button
that works like the buttons on a website.

The Job bag gives you up-to-date status of all outstanding jobs, also instantly showing jobs
where the Due Date has passed and job not marked and delivered and jobs that have been
delivered but not Invoiced.
There is also a report to show client spend in the chosen period and what the spend/client
was for the same period 1 year previous. A handy tool for Sales drives.

Under the Reports module you can view Orders/Quotes/Purchase Orders by date, by
Customer and by Salesperson.

Own Products is where you can create a database of products you routinely quote/sell,
and products you hold in stock, either for a large corporate or your own stock you buy
in bulk and split over many orders. Promos has Stock Control too!

Finally, the Dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to drill down on all Orders within
a period, either year on year to see client or Salespersons performance, or month on month
to be able to see client trends over a year. The table altered to show different reports by
dragging and dropping relevant header fields. Very simple, very powerful!